"You Could Feed An Army on That"

Vegan Mujadarrah Sort Of

This is a miracle food. It's vegan, it's beyond cheap, and it's easy. And it's a powerful fuel. The key is patience and water. Wait for it.



Cook lentils in water on medium-high 15-20 minutes  - make sure the water is about an inch above the lentils - if in doubt, add a little more - if the water cooks off, add a little more

Add the same amount of rice as you did lentils and more water and cook until the rice is done - about 20 minutes - add water as needed

Meanwhile slice onion into thin rings and slowcook in oil on LOW

Then stir onions into lentil/rice mixture, mash it up. Season to taste. Stir in some fresh spinach leaves while it's still hot and they'll get nice and wilted but still be really flavorful. Top individual bowls with sriracha. The original calls for yogurt or sour cream, and I'm not a vegan myself, but I'm less and less into dairy and with sriracha it is bangin.

Aron Blue