And I'm behind on my observations. So, starting from last July, I took the Amtrak from NYC to Los Angeles.

(1) When I was traveling through the desert, a man tried to convince me that he had seen someone levitate 6 inches above the ground. Did he believe it? Why would you tell such a story as a grown man? What do you say to someone who is looking you in the eye and telling such a whopper? I mean, gravity. So real.

(2) California is dense and rural, which is the worst of both worlds. If I'm living this far from the grocery store, I don't want neighbors. Just sayin.

(3) New York City, or at least Manhattan, is a gated community compared to LA. Back in 2011 in Bushwick, there was ONE man who had a little outside encampment set up. He got chased away by the authorities after a couple months. Multiply him by a few thousands, and put them all a block away from Wall Street, and that's what downtown LA looks like.

(4) Also, in NYC if you were somehow forced to be on foot, you might have to walk 6-8 hours to get home. In LA, you could walk 28 hours, and still not even be in your own neighborhood.

Aron Blue